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All photographs copyright Harry Cutting. All rights reserved.

Frequently Asked Questions


> How do I search for specific photos?

Go to the Photos page, select color or black & white or both. Then select a catalog section (ie: Children, Families, etc) and either View All or a keyword (ie: Minorities, Friendship, etc). An additional keyword can be selected by using the "Not used" drop down box. Then click the Search button. Do not use your keyboard 'enter' or 'return' key. Click the thumbnail image(s) to see the larger size. Use your browser's back button to return to your results. View popular people photos.

> Can I retrieve a specific photo that I've seen before?

Type the photo number into the box beside "Search by Image Number" and click the Go button. Click the thumbnail image to see the larger size.

> How do I keep track of my search results?

There are several ways depending on your personal preference: You can bookmark any 'larger view' page. This is the page that results from clicking a thumbnail image. Also, you can copy and paste the URL of 'larger view' page(s) into a simple text or Word document. You can also print out thumbnail pages and the ' larger view ' photos of interest. This often works best, especially if you will be reviewing your choices with others at a desk or table. Use "Landscape" mode when printing if your printer cuts off some of the photos. You can also download photos for comp and evaluation purposes: Note that the photo number will not automatically save, you must manually enter it while saving the photo to your computer. We can also email various size comp / evaluation photos to you free of charge (for evaluation purposes only; comps may not be used in any "final" product). Comp details

> If you email my photo order will the photos be high enough resolution and quality?

Yes, emailed digital photo files are compressed high resolution JPEG's, about 1-2 megs each that expand to full size when opened - 300 dpi, about 6.5 x 8.5 inches, approx. 15 megs, for our Standard size. Larger sizes available.

> Are your photos Model Released? - if so, which ones?

Yes, they are model released — all of them.

> Where can I find your blog?

It's at http://ruff-draft.tumblr.com/

> Anything else we could look at?

We have some project oriented work here: http://harrycutting.blogspot.com/

> I need to test drive some images in my project, can you send me fairly large comp / evaluation photos?

Yes, just email us the photo number(s), tell us who you are and what project you are working on and we will send you, via email, 150 dpi images measuring about 4 by 6 inches or so. Email your request to harry@harrycutting.com and we will send them before day's end.

> When can I expect to receive my photos?

Standard delivery is by email, one digital photo file per email, to you and / or a third party. Orders are shipped within twelve hours, usually much sooner.

> How do I pay for my order?

All orders need to be prepaid by credit card: we will provide you with a secure place to pay online once we receive your order. When ordering please include the photo number(s), your postal address, phone number, whether you are a non-profit or for-profit entity, usage rights you wish to purchase, and email address to ship photo(s) and payment request to.


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