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Stock Photos of Children

All photographs copyright Harry Cutting. All rights reserved.

Photos of people - Families, Children, Elderly People, Adults, Educational settings, Classrooms, Teens, Babies - Caucasian and Minority people, Pictures, Images

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View stock photos by category below:

Photos of Families

Family with one child.

Topics include: single parents, single fathers, single mothers, mixed race families, recreation, father and son, daughter, mother and son, daughter, general parenting topics - see also photos of minority famiy.

Photos of Minority Families

Minority family - hispanic latino, with two children.

Topics include: hispanic, latino, asian, african american black families, single parents, single dads, single moms, biracial families, families with biracial mulatto children, recreation.

Photos of Children

Three children, sad depressed or lonely.

Topics include: mostly caucasian white children, but some pictures show a mixed ethnicity, in recreational or informal settings, one to three kids or small group per image, down syndrome - see also photos of minority children.

Photos of Minority Children

African American girls laughing.

Topics include: hispanic, latino, latina, african american black, asian, ethnic minority children, mixed race biracial mulatto children - in indoor and outdoor settings; recreational, playground, informal poses.

Elderly People Photos

Old woman being consoled.

Topics include: health care, mental health, general mental illness, depression, sadness, loneliness, nursing homes, assisted living, group homes, alzheimer's disease, includes minority elderly people, caucasian white.

Education Photos

Kids on a school bus.

Topics include: school classroom settings for elementary, middle and high school, bored distracted students, reading, studying, participating in classroom activities, geography, math, science, lab settings - see also children photos and stock photos of teens.

Stock Photos of Teens

Bummed out teenage girl.

Topics include: mostly caucasian white teenagers with some minority teens - see also minority teen stock photos - in informal settings, groups, singles, doubles, friendship, mental health and illness issues, depression, social isolation, teen angst.

Minority Teen Stock Photos

Three hispanic latino teenagers.

Topics include: african american black, hispanic, latino, latina, asian teenagers in informal settings, groups, singles and doubles - mental health issues, race.

Stock Photos of Adults

Young adult woman leaning on a tree and smiling.

Topics include: minority men and women included; african american, hispanic, latino, asian, east indian, middle eastern and caucasian white adults, includes married  and unmarried couples, young adults.

Pregnancy Photos

Pregnant woman holding stomach, thinking or contemplating.

Topics include: nutrition, shopping for food, postpartum depression, parenthood - see also photos of babies for delivery room photos, other natal and neo-natal care images.

Photos of Babies

Hispanic latino infant baby.

Topics include: caucasian white and minority babies including, african american, hispanic latino, asian, infants with fathers and mothers seperately, baby delivery room images, delivery, hospital natal care, infants at home.

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