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Stock Photo, Image of Depressed, Sad African American Woman

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Depressed, Sad, Anxious, Lonely, Worried African American Woman
Black woman worried - Photo J185-22 Model Released
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Make note of photo number above when ordering. Check prices. Search or view all photos. Return home. Go to Tips and FAQ. This is a sample of our african american photographs. Our african american photos, like all of our photography, are model released. Use site navigation on left to learn about ordering, instant digital delivery and pricing. Special discounts are available to non-profits for our images of black people and all of our stock pictures. ~ Standard photo / file size approx. 6.5 x 8.5 inches at 300 dpi, about 15 megs. Larger sizes available.

Pricing - Non profits $75 - $95 / others $115 - $145 details

Title: Stock Photo, Image of Depressed, Sad, Anxious, Lonely African American Woman with head in hand looking away.

Keywords: african americans, blacks, black people, ethnic minority, minorities, woman, women, depression, sad, loneliness, lonely, worried, worry, anxious, mental health, healthcare

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