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Photo Details and Comments - FC5001 - Young girl child reading book

Young girl child reading book.
Young child reading - Photo FC5001 Model Released - See more pictures with comments - See more children photos - See all photos - Purchase as stock photo

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Comments: This was a straight forward child photograph made outdoors in the early morning. I placed the young girl on a slight hill amonst light colored tall grass with her back to the rising sun. I had her keep the book close to her face to take advantage of the reflected fill light from the book's white pages.

From a low angle I used a longish lens to compress the scene and a wide aperture to blur the background. This combination worked well, creating a pleasant image of a young reader enjoying her book outdoors on a beautiful day.  HC

Technical data: Photo taken with tripod mounted Olympus OM-4T film camera & Zuiko 300mm f4.5 lens, manual exposure mode, manual in-camera TTL spot metering and hand-held Minolta ambient light meter, using existing outdoor light. Approximate exposure 1/1000 second at f5.6 - Fuji Provia 100 color transparency film rated at EI 100 and processed normally. No lens filters were used. Film was scanned using a Minolta Dimage series film scanner. Photo file was routinely optimized with Photoshop on a Mac.

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