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Photo Details and Comments - KC5004 - Handicapped disabled elderly woman with walker

Handicapped disabled elderly woman with walker.
Disabled woman with walker - Photo KC5004 Model Released - See more pictures with comments - See more elderly photos - See all photos - Purchase as stock photo

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Technical data: Photo taken with hand held Nikon SLR film camera & Nikkor 24mm f2.8 lens using existing indoor light. Approximate exposure 1/60 second at f5.6 - Fuji Sensia 400 transparency film rated normally at EI 400, processed normally. No lens filters were used. Film was scanned using a Minolta Dimage series film scanner. Photo file was routinely optimized with Photoshop on a Mac.

Comments: I had been talking with this elderly woman at the assisted living facility where she lived for nearly an hour; small talk about her family and her past. I kept my cameras packed away because of her shyness and reluctance to submit to a photograph. There was a large glass door to her left that was pouring in beautiful soft light. Each time I started to bring out a camera she would stop talking and seem uncomfortable. At some point she became very involved in telling a story and would pause and stare longingly towards the door. I casually pulled out a camera and clicked a few, then put the camera down. A few minutes later she looked at me blankly and asked if I'd just taken her picture. Yes, I said, is that okay? Well, I guess so, she said, the damage is already done isn't it?  HC

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