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Photo Details and Comments - K110-31 - Depressed anxious elderly woman

Depressed anxious elderly woman.
Depressed elderly woman - Photo K110-31 Model Released - See more pictures with comments - See more elderly photos - See all photos - Purchase as stock photo

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Technical data: Photo taken with hand held Nikon SLR film camera & Nikkor 105mm f2.5 lens, existing indoor light, manual mode, center weighted metering. Approximate exposure 1/60 second at f5.6 on Kodak Tri-X black and white film exposed at EI 1600; push processed 2 stops with D-76 undiluted. No lens filters were used. Film was scanned using a Nikon Coolscan series film scanner. Photo file was routinely optimized with Photoshop on a Mac.

Comments: While recounting stories of her youth, this woman revealed the gamut of emotions and gestures, often careening from full-out laughter to solemn concentration in a split second. I burned through several rolls of film trying to keep up. The picture above is my favorite of the visit.  HC

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