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Photography Tips and Tutorials
by Harry Cutting

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Photo of young child eating

Let's get started:

How to Choose the Right Digital Camera

Introduction to Photography

How to Photograph Children

Fill-Flash Photography Basics

60 Second Photo Lessons

During thirty years of photography I've been asked countless photo questions. I've always given the best answers I could at the time. But most questions about photography require a better and more complete reply than I could give in between prepping my models, chasing down children and trying to grab a few pictures. Photo details - top picture

So I've written several photo tutorials that I hope will finally give those better, more complete answers. There are four articles available at the moment plus a "one-minute photo lessons" section of photographs with commentary and technical details.

The four articles are: Introduction to Photography which describes tips and techniques that will improve your phPhoto of young African American girlotography quickly. No technical jargon, just straightforward advice. How to Choose the Right Digital Camera gives concise, simple guidelines to help you navigate the camera equipment jungle and find the right camera for you. Another photo lesson, How to Photograph Children gives my best tips and tricks about photographing nearly everyone's favorite - and most challenging - subject, children. Fill-Flash Photography Techniques shows how to dramatically and easily improve your photos with just a touch of flash. There is also a "one-minute photo lessons" section of photographs with commentary and technical details that describes equipment and techniques used for each photo. Photo details - bottom picture

Photo details - top picture
Photo details - bottom picture

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