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Stock Photos of Children

3825 SE 10th Ave.
Cape Coral FL 33904

All photographs copyright Harry Cutting. All rights reserved.

Boy at Sea World posing with Shamu
Caption: Young boy at Sea World, Orlando FL

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Technical data: Photo taken with handheld Olympus "ZLR" iS-1 film camera using existing daylight. Approximate exposure 1/250 second at f11 - Fuji Sensia 100 color transparency film. No lens filters were used.

Film was scanned using a Minolta Dimage series film scanner. Photo file was routinely optimized using Photoshop; color balance, levels and curves, sharpening, cropping and dust spot removal using clone tool. I use a Mac for all photo processing.

Comments: This is an example of how a very simple straightforward picture can make a clear record of your family trip or vacation. Using the Sea World sign in the background combined with the boy posing on top of a Shamu statue makes for a very effective and unambiguous image. You're almost always better off showing less in your picture when you need to record a "sense of place" type photo.

Watch your aperture setting when making a photo like this - the boy needs to be in sharp focus, the sign needs to be at least legible - and they are many feet apart. You'll need a fairly small aperture to pull it off. This photo was done with f11 which is about right. Use either a manual exposure mode and set it yourself or use "Program" mode, and then shift the settings so your aperture is small enough.

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